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Available Finishes:

Classico is a water dilutable paint derived from 100% natural pigments, resulting in a matte, powdery appearance. It is developed according to the most sustainable and environmentally friendly standards and is known for its excellent adherence and coverage. It is used in a wide range of interior and exterior settings and surfaces and is commonly and frequently applied to furniture, flooring and cabinetry. The ease of application, non-yellowing, almost odorless and water resistant properties are among the key features that help make Pure & Original Classico stand out. In addition, and congruent with the Pure & Original standards, the natural ingredients promote excellent washability.

Classico is available in a range of colors (see classico colors page) and comes in 1L, 2.5L and 5L. A 100ml tester* is also available.

*Note: The 100ml testers are only available in the classico finish.

Pure & Original fresco lime paint is a 100% mineral based paint composed of pure, slaked lime and natural pigments, resulting in an environmentally friendly and truly authentic look. It’s matte, powdery appearance with colour nuances and intentional variations throughout give it the stunning characteristics for which it is known. The final fresco appearance is determined by way of application. (see fresco application technique for additional information)

It can be applied to lime plaster, cement plaster, stone and other mineral based foundations. An absorbent surface is the ideal foundation for application. Fresco is not suitable, nor is it recommended for surfaces that are water resistant, as it will not achieve its optimal look.

Fresco can be applied to a smooth surface with a a longhair block brush, cloth or sponge.

There are many benefits to using fresco lime paint in addition to the striking appearance it provides. It is germ and mould resistant, 100% recyclable, lightly washable, provides excellent coverage and creates a unique lime dim effect, to name a few.

Fresco is available in 1L, 2.5L and 5L and in a wide array of the authentic Pure & Original colors. (See fresco colors for more information.)

Marrakech is an all-mineral based, eco friendly paint that, through application, establishes a soft, flat, concrete look; similar to a Moroccan style tadelakt finish. Its 100% recyclable, anti bacterial, fungicidal, non yellowing properties and exceptional coverage are all traits keeping in line with the Pure & Original standard. It is best suited for indoor use on absorbing and non water repelling surfaces. Lime plaster, concrete plaster and absorbent natural stone are among the surface types where marrakech is commonly applied.

As marrakech can be compared with tadelakt in its physical appearance, its application method is comparable as well. Using a long haired brush or roller, it is easily and generously applied to a smooth surface followed by use of a trowel or spatula and lastly, using sand paper grain for a smooth appearance. (See Marrakech Application process for more information) Marrakech is available in 111 of the distinct Pure & Original colors. (See Marrakech Colors for specific color information.)

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