Dead Flat Eco Sealer



A premium quality, 100% acrylic, non-yellowing, water based protectant sealer. It is colorless, allowing the underlying paint color to truly stand out while simultaneously giving it a protective coat. It does not gloss with friction and can be washed easily and effectively with water and any non-aggressive cleaning product.  


Apply 2 layers of dead flat eco sealer with a long haired brush, ( go to ‘tools’ page to view brush options) roller or spray.  Apply to paint through several thin equal layers. Drying time is typically a minimum of 12 hours, between layers. Do not use on horizontal surfaces where water remains. Applying the final layer of sealer as thinly as possible will achieve a flatter, more matted look. 

*Please note- if dead flat eco sealer is applied too thickly or unevenly onto darker colors a white haze may result. 

It is suitable for wall paints, lime paints and wooden foundations. Bathrooms, kitchens,  hallways are among the areas you will find and likely apply the dead flat eco sealer. 


Store in the original packaging in a dry, frost free environment. Do not expose to heat beyond 100 degrees celsius. 

The dead flat eco sealer is available in 1L and 2.5L. See pricing guidelines for details.

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